Harry Michael Ernest

Name :             HARRY MICHAEL ERNEST

Position:          English Teacher


Nationality:       BRITISH

Join Date:        9/28/2016

Mobile:            0554368574

Email:             yhojara_@live.com.mx



  1.  M.Ed Teaching English as Foreign Language and Educational Psychology as well as a Diploma in Phonetics from The University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology;
  2.  A Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Cambridge; BSc. Physiology with Single Honours from The University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Work Experience

  • Over 25 years experience including teaching at a Prmary School, Language Schools, a Banking Institution, a Hotel Chain and a University in Mexico; as a Coordinator at The University of Kuwait; as Head of the English Department at a Secondary School in Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei; teaching at The Royal Saudi Airforce Training Base in Suleimaniya, Riyadh and currently teaching at the King Khaled University, Khamis Mushayt.  


  •  Video Filming, Phonetics, Linguistics, Personal Coaching, Student Assessment and Orientation, Have given Teaching Seminars to other Teachers