Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aziz Mohamed


رسالة الخطأ

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Name: Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aziz Mohamed

Position: Assistant Prof.

Grade: Full Professor

Department: Science (Chemistry)

Nationality: Egyptian

Join Date: 3/ 8/ 1427

Mobile: 0535634715

Email: azizhkh@yahoo.com


  1. PhD. Feb. – 2001
  2. MSc. Jun. – 1996
  3.  BSc. May. – 1992 (grade: very good)

Work Experience:

  1. Full Prof. from Aug.  2016 until now
  2.  Associate Prof. from Nov.  2007 to Aug. 2016
  3. Assistant Prof. from Apr. 2002 to Nov. 2007


  1.  General Chemistry for Health Sciences 110 Chem – 2
  2. General Chemistry for Engineering Sciences 107 Chem – 4



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